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May 31, 2015

June Forum: Renewable NYC

Renewable NYC: Uncovering the Hidden Access to Renewable Energy in NYC   In the dense spaces of NYC, it’s hard to believe that so many renewable energy projects are being developed and built right under our noses. From solar and wind installations, to geothermal, there are many examples of how the city is growing more. Read more…

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May 30, 2015

Waste: Zero, World: Green

by Lisa Bonanate   A world with zero waste – sending nothing to landfill or incineration – sounds like a Utopian dream.  But in San Francisco, it’s a dream that’s becoming a political and social reality.  If you live in San Francisco, you can recycle or compost anything, even hazardous materials and construction waste.  How. Read more…

New York City’s Future Green Leaders: Two Signature Programs from the Department of Education Part I: Maspeth High School Green Club

by Pamela Berns   It’s the time of year in New York City when young people in caps and gowns seem to be everywhere – what better time to celebrate the sustainability achievements in our City’s schools. The fourth NYC Department of Education Sustainability Initiative annual report boasts 81 pages of accomplishments in the greening. Read more…

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May 8, 2015

GreenHomeNYC’s May Tour: Affordable and Sustainable

GreenHomeNYC INVITES YOU TO  DISCOVER GREEN AFFORDABLE HOUSING IN THE BRONX.   Our May Tour is almost here, but we’ve had a change of venue!  The tour will now be held at the newly renovated West Farms Square, a 526-unit affordable housing development located near the intersection of East Tremont and Bryan Avenues in the. Read more…

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