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September 30, 2015

A Greener Future for Waste Management

by Tamanna Virmani   All of us living or working in New York City recognize and admire the fact that the city is a trailblazer in many areas. However, waste management in general, and organics recycling in particular, have been challenging issues for the city – issues needing a trailblazing spirit to establish best practices. Read more…

September 29, 2015

{Green Careers} September 2015 Recap: Managing Impressions: The Power Of Body Language

By Thomas Storck   The scene: You’re sitting in an office to which you’d been invited to a week prior for a job interview, waiting to meet your potential future employer face-to-face. Your interviewer arrives to greet you, shakes your hand, and directs you through a short hallway to her office. As you hang your. Read more…

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September 27, 2015

The Green Spotlight on BE NYC: Rebecca Marshall

Rebecca Marshall’s Mantra: “Sustainability has no boundaries.”   By Pamela Berns         “Sustainability doesn’t have boundaries.” That’s Rebecca Marshall ‘s mantra. On October 15, Rebecca, who is the Javits Center’s Energy and Sustainability Manager, will spread the wisdom as she shares the in-depth sustainability story behind the Center’s recent renovation. Rebecca is. Read more…

September 10, 2015

Sustainability Degrees

        So you think green becomes you and you’d like to explore a career in sustainability?  The first step may be getting a degree from a leading college or university.   Sustainability is a fast-growing field with many specializations to pursue in science, design, business, public policy and technology.  Get an overview of career. Read more…

August Forum Recap: The Economic Value of Green Building

by Jaime Alvarez   Two seasoned building professionals and a financier came together on Wednesday, August 19th at the GreenHomeNYC August forum held at the Hafele showroom to share their experiences regarding the economic value of green building with a full room of over 50 curious attendees. The presentations emphasized that with attention to detail, green. Read more…

September 9, 2015

{Green Careers} August 2015 Recap: “Don’t Let Someone Else Think for Yourself”: John Crant on LinkedIn Strategies

by Pamela Berns   After hearing John Crant’s presentation at DORMA Design Center last month, I decided it was time to exceed the 500+ mark on my LinkedIn connections, which I proudly achieved last night. David, another participant at the August 11, 2015 GreenHomeNYC Green Career Transitions event, went home that very night and edited. Read more…

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September 8, 2015

September Forum: Resiliency

Since Hurricane Sandy hit New York City, city efforts have been focused on ensuring a Resilient New York. Leaders from the private and public sector within New York are transforming their building and planning tactics to be resilient against infrastructure vulnerability. Sandy’s ability to knock out power in lower Manhattan displayed the fragility of existing. Read more…

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